Progress for Lucky's Lawsuit

Official Statement:

Dear One World Conservation and Free Lucky supporters,

As you are probably aware, Judge Xavier Rodriguez of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas denied the San Antonio Zoo’s motion to dismiss the Endangered Species Lawsuit (ESA) for Lucky. This is a huge step in the right direction for the lawsuit, and we have been over the moon since receiving the news several days ago.


Lucky's First Celebrity!

You may have already heard the news, but Lucky has her first celebrity! Meet Polly Lou Livingston, a San Antonio local and voice actress of Tree Trunks, an elephant, on Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. She is a supporter of Lucky's freedom, and we are so grateful to be working with her. 

On Tuesday, May 19, at 4:30PM CDT, she will be answering your questions on Reddit! Please check it out if you have time. We are so excited to be helping her with this.


Updated Lucky Campaign 2014

Dear One World Conservation supporters,

As you may know, we have been committed heart and soul to Lucky, a 54-year-old, female Asian elephant, and her release from the San Antonio Zoo.


Official Statement on Death of Elephant Boo at the San Antonio Zoo

Our hearts go out to all who knew and loved Boo. She will be greatly missed by our staff and observers. Sadly, this once again leaves the Asian elephant, Lucky, 53, alone, living in what has been and remains an antiquated, inappropriate exhibit that has never met the needs of the species that have resided and died there. Elephants are highly social animals. It is inhumane to keep Lucky alone.