Official Statement on Karen, the San Antonio Zoo's Third Elephant

Dear supporters of Lucky, of Nicole and Karen, and of any elephants who have or will reside at the San Antonio Zoo,


60-Day Notice of Intent to Sue San Antonio Zoo Sent


Dear Lucky and One World Conservation supporters:

On April 9, 2015, a 60-day notice of intent to sue was served to the San Antonio Zoo by the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the law firm of Melissa Lesniak. This gives the zoo a 60-day window to comply to the Endangered Species Act of 1973 or face litigation. To be clear, One World Conservation is not the plaintiff. Our role is that of an interested third party, and we will support this case in whatever capacity is necessary for Lucky's release.


IDA’s Worst Zoo List | Lucky T-shirts

Once again, San Antonio Zoo has made In Defense of Animal’s list of Worst Zoos for ElephantsThis year, we ranked #2 on the list.


Get the Facts About Lucky the Elephant

In response to the San Antonio Zoo’s “facts” about Lucky, we’ve typed up our own. Get the real facts about her here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Re: How old is Lucky? What is the lifespan of an Asian elephant?


Tell AZA That Elephant Lucky Cannot Be Kept Alone (Again)

The San Antonio Zoo has failed to comply with the AZA elephant standards for many years, and, in the past, they have used a variance granted by the AZA to keep Lucky, a 53-year-old female Asian elephant, in solitary confinement. The zoo is once again requesting a variance to keep Lucky alone, following the death of cage-mate Boo in March.