The Free Lucy campaign, a campaign fighting to send the Asian elephant, Lucy, from the Edmonton Valley Zooin Canada to sanctuary. For more information on the campaign and how to help, visit Zoo Check Canada.

Major Issues

Multiple Health Issues

Psychological Issues


Exposure to Extreme Temperatures

Lack of Space

1. History

Lucy was born in Sri Lanka in 1975 before being caught and transferred to the Edmonton Valley Zoo at around a year old in 1977. She remained alone for 12 years until Samantha, an African elephant, was brought in 1989. However, in 2007, Samantha was sent to the North Carolina Zoo on a long-term breeding contract, leaving Lucy alone, again.

2. How To Help

Please write to the City of Edmonton Mayor and Members of Council, to let them know that you want Lucy moved to The Elephant Sanctuary as soon as possible. Tell them that Lucy should not be kept alone; that Edmonton is too cold for elephants; that the zoo’s elephant exhibit is too small; and that keeping Lucy is in contravention of Alberta’s zoo regulations.

Mayor & Members of Council
City of Edmonton
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA T5J 2R7


Mayor and Members of Council City of Edmonton

Please send a copy of your email to Zoocheck.

3. Our Involvement

Lucy needs to be retired to one of the two elephant sanctuaries in the United States. While One World Conservation does not actively work on Lucy’s case, we support and promote the campaign run by Zoo Check Canada.