We began observation of Maya, a female jaguar at the San Antonio Zoo, in 2008 due to the intense stereotypical behavior of her partner, Guapo.

This case will remain open until we can continue to assess her conditions. If you are in the Albuquerque area please contact us.


Maya was the only cub in her litter, born at the Akron Zoo on October 4, 2005, and then transferred to the San Antonio Zoo at the age of six months where she remained until late 2014.

Her partner, Guapo, left San Antonio in 2011, leaving Maya alone in an antiquated exhibit that left much of her exposed to the public with little room to hide away. She often exhibited aggression through the glass walls of her exhibit and paced back and forth or stuck to the far walls.

Current Status

In October 2014, she was transferred to Albuquerque Biological Park because she was ineligible for breeding, as many jaguars in the United States are related to her. We will continue to monitor her and wish her the best.