In early January 2008, African elephant, Tusker, was shot 24 hours ahead of schedule, in Zimbabwe, despite a global campaign to save him.


On New Years Eve for 2008, the National Anglers Union of Zimbabwe hosted an annual party at their Charara site in the national park.

Tusker appeared in the area and was teased and severely bullied by partygoers. After having a car rammed into his legs, Tusker fled the scene, but in his desperation to get away, damaged several cars but didnt injure any humans.

He was declared a rogue elephant by Zimbabwe wildlife authorities and was to be killed on January 7, 2008.


A call, initiated by the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force (ZCTF), went out around the world in a desperate bid to save his life, and a petition was started. A meeting was set up between Johnny Rodrigues, chairman/founder of ZCTF, and wildlife authorities to extend the execution date and allow ZCTF to relocate him.

Tusker was shot 24 hours ahead of schedule, shot multiple times by rangers. ZCTF was not informed by authorities of the change.


  • The young man responsible for ramming his car into Tusker had his permit to travel Zimbabwe revoked and can no longer enter the country
  • The Director of Wildlife was removed from his position two years later and is no longer in a position to do harm
  • The National Anglers Union of Zimbabwe continues to host annual parties, putting themselves and wildlife at risk

Please support ZCTF in their quest to end these parties. In time, they will build a memorial to Tusker at the park, as a reminder of what can happen.


One World Conservations CEO/founder, Karrie Kern, worked diligently on the petition and awareness for Tusker. He is much loved and missed by her.

One World Conservation is dedicated to his memory in the hope that some good may arise from this tragedy. It is here that the concept of One World Conservation began. His memory lives on in every moment of One World Conservations commitment to create change in the world.

One World Conservation will, in time, open a second corporation to be named the Tusker Foundation in his honor and memory.