In 2010, shortly after a rash of suspicious deaths at the San Antonio Zoo, including the death of Malaya, a female, Sumatran tiger, One World Conservation became aware of an intended tiger transfer from the Honolulu Zoo. Concerned by the recent big cat deaths and the antiquated exhibit the tiger would be coming to, we felt morally obligated to alert the Honolulu Zoo about the conditions Tondi would be downgraded to.

We were relieved to receive notification shortly after that Tondi would no longer be transferred to the San Antonio Zoo.

On October 19, 2012, Tondi was transferred to the Parc des Félins in France, where they maintain over 150 acres for their various felines and claim to provide their Sumatrans one of the largest enclosures in the world. We're excited to hear he is getting along with intended mate, Isha, and will continue to monitor his progress.