We Supported

The In Defense of Animals campaign involving the three abused circus elephants owned by the Davenport family.

Tina, Jewel, and Queenie

For decades they traveled the road, crammed in the backs of trailers, chained for hours, confined to tiny pens, and forced to perform. There were numerous violations of Federal law surrounding their care. In Defense of Animals ran their campaign for years.

In August 2009, Tina and Jewel were sent to the San Diego Zoo, after one was confiscated and one was voluntarily given up due to their extremeley bonded relationship, and later were transferred to the Los Angeles Zoo. Two weeks prior to the confiscation, One World Conservation became concerned that the San Antonio Zoo was a possible candidate for their relocation, and so we began a part of their campaign.

Despite 7 months of undercover negotiations with Will Davenport, Queenie (Boo) was sent to the San Antonio Zoo in April 2010, confirming the fears wed had.