In August 2010, three pit bulls were found trapped and starving in a basement in Dayton, Ohio, after their owners had been evicted.

Lucien, the most critical of the three, was brought to the Germantown Animal Health Center and wasnt expected to survive, suffering from severe starvation, malnutrition, and dehydration.

One World Conservation does not normally take on domestic animal cases but did so because of the severity of this incident.


On August 16, 2010, a plea for help went out on Facebook to raise funds for his critical care. One World Conservation helped forefront the cry, and in 72 hours, over $10,000 were raised.

  • ~$2,000 went to critical care vet bills
  • The rest went into a trust fund for the remainder of his life
  • The clinic had to tell people to stop donating
  • They received care packages of blankets and toys as well

Current Status

Lucien fought the odds and survived. He is alive and well, living with a new family and unconditional love. As of yet, there seem to be no long term effects from the ordeal. His siblings, Lumos and Chocolate Latte have been re-homed and are doing well, also.

See some of his improvement here.

The perpetrators of the act, as of last communication, have been found and were being prosecuted for animal abuse.

Our many thanks to Germantown vet, Dr. Lisa Woods, and her staff for their due diligence, compassion, and care of Lucien.

Shortly After His Rescue