We began observation of Guapo, a male jaguar at the San Antonio Zoo, in 2008 due to intense stereotypical behavior. He was extremely non-responsive to his environment, causing great concern to our staff. In 2010, he was relocated to the San Diego Zoo.

We are happy to report that since his arrival in San Diego in March 2011, Guapo has been doing wonderfully, placed in a brand new exhibit that is much larger and more lush than his previous home at the San Antonio Zoo. He's showing improvements in weight and responds quite actively to his environment. He has a mate, Nindiri, whom he seems to get along with from reports, unlike his relationship with Maya, and they have had two cubs, Tikal and Maderas, born early 2012. On March 12, 2015, they had a third cub, Valerio.

This goes to show how proper environment, care, and enrichment can totally change the personality and psychological profile of an animal.

We will be continuing to monitor his progress. Thank you, San Diego Zoo!