It is unknown where or when Boo was born, but records indicate she was around 59-years-old at the time of her death. From a young age, she had performed for well over ten circuses, including: Carson and Barnes, Bailey Brothers, and Hamid Shrine, among many others.

In April 2010, her previous owner was forced to hand her over to the San Antonio Zoo only months after one of his elephants was confiscated and the other was chosen to send with her of the owner's free will, as the elephants, Tina and Jewel, were extremely bonded. On March 10, 2013, Boo died due to B-cell leukemia resulting from lymphoma, a rare form of cancer in elephants.

  • Upon Boo's removal, her former owner faced 19 violations to the Animal Welfare Act, as well as violations to the Endangered Species Act
  • Her circus name was Queenie
  • History of food aggression issues
  • The lower part of her trunk was damaged, causing her to readapt to the way she used it
  • There have been other documented incidents of aggression towards elephants

While her previous owner, Will Davenport, undoubtedly neglected her, in the end, it was his request that she be sent to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, but he was instead, forced by a deal with the USDA and the San Antonio Zoo, to turn her over.


Boo, an Asian elephant, was transferred to the San Antonio Zoo in 2010 after being confiscated from her owner due to negligence and abuse.

  • For 7 months prior to Boos transfer to the San Antonio Zoo, we were working undercover, negotiating with her previous owner, Will Davenport
  • Helped with In Defense for Animals campaign for her retirement to PAWS
  • Documented observations since her arrival *
  • Worked with the San Antonio City Council
  • Worked with other government agencies
  • Filed complaints with the USDA and filed congressional inquiries

* For the first five months, our staff was unable to obtain footage due to quarantine practices, as well as a raised awareness of our staff's presence at the zoo.

Major Issues

Please note that these issues are specific to Boo during her time in San Antonio. They do not include the conditions of the exhibit, which can be found in more detail on Lucky's page.

Improper Integration Practices

Consistent Stereotypic Behavior

Food Aggression

Growths on Her Feet

Caused by improper bathing/chaining practices prior to her arrival in San Antonio.

USDA Complaints

March 2010

* Filed under the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, US Operations, prior to One World's inception.