I am excited to announce the arrival of our new website and its launch today. While many of you have been accustomed to our previous website, we felt an upgrade was necessary.

While our previous site design was sleek and sent a powerful message to those visiting it, there were drawbacks as it was difficult to load with a slow internet connection and was not accessible to others in Africa and remote areas of the world.

We opted to utilize the latest technology, responsive web design, which allows the page to adjust itself to whatever device is being used: tablet, smartphone, computer, etc. (Try resizing your browser to see this in action!) It also makes it possible for those in third world countries to use our site without an extreme loading time. I am very excited by the changes this year for One World Conservation’s web presence. Until now we had not been pushing very hard to have a stronger presence, but I feel that we are now in a position to get out there and be known.

Knowing that we are one of the first in our field to launch with this new technology is exciting, and I am looking forward to the response to it. I hope you will enjoy the new look and feel of our site, and we welcome feedback. As always, our thanks to those who’ve supported OWC, and we welcome the newcomers, as we could not do this without you.

I am also looking forward to keeping everyone updated on events, petitions, action alerts, etc. via the new blog feature we’ve added to the site. Be sure to follow along for frequent updates. Also, please be sure to sign up for our newsletter. It has been reset, so if you’d joined the old one, you’ll have to do so again. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Karrie Kern, CEO/Founder

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