Dear OWC supporters,

As you may know, we have taken on the Obie tiger campaign. We announced this back in November 2014 and have since made a Facebook campaign page and gathered a group of organizations, cee4life Australia and Outreach for Animals of Ohio, as well as the petition creator, Amanda Whelan, to join the fight. 

Things have been rather silent on the front; however, we have spent the last three months tirelessly researching the situation in Ohio and have collected a huge massing of information regarding the origins of the Obie tiger cub tradition. In our investigations, we unearthed far more than we had anticipated going in.

Not only have there been more Obie tigers than the public knows about, as they have used multiple cubs in a season for unknown purposes, but they have been using a real tiger skin for their more traditional mascot since 1938 and have had to replace the skin with a new one at least 5 times over the years.

We are continuing to investigate more into where the living tigers have gone and will be releasing a more comprehensive report on the situation and the violations the school and Stump Hill Farm have incurred within the next week, so stay posted. 

There are other matters under investigation that we cannot disclose to the public at this time, but when we have answers to some of these questions, rest assured, you will be notified. Things may be far worse with the situation in Ohio than we had anticipated.

In our history as an organization and investigating cases, this has revealed itself to be one of the worst we’ve had to deal with. We strongly believe that the school is in violation of the Ohio Dangerous Wild Animal Act under which they are currently exempt. Our report detailing this will be sent to state and federal authorities for review before it released to the public, in addition to us filing with each of the agencies.

Please watch and share our video that has just been released today regarding the situation in Massillon, Ohio. It is imperative that the word on this be spread. Also, if you haven’t already, please sign the petition asking that this tradition be ended.

Stay posted for more actions you can take to help these cubs, as we will be releasing a few more options next week.

Best Regards,
One World Conservation


  • Mon, 07/25/2016 - 05:53 reply
    Get a life. Massillon has stopped this
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    Mon, 07/25/2016 - 05:53 reply
    Get a life. Massillon has stopped this

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