Dear One World Conservation and Voices for Asha supporters,

In July 2015, senior executives from One World Conservation met with Delegate Sam Rasoul, regarding the conditions at the Natural Bridge Zoo, specifically related to solitary African elephant, Asha, as well as to discuss a potential bullhook ban. The groundwork involved in getting this bill started was strongly supported by Kim Hogan of Lynchburg, Virginia, who in previous months also had a meeting with Delegate Sam Rasoul on bullhooks and the damage that they cause.

As a result, Delegate Sam Rasoul agreed to sponsor a bullhook ban for the entire State of Virginia. HB 302, Asha’s Law, was drafted and is now going to Virginia’s Committee for Courts of Justice. After nearly passing all circuits of legislation a very similar bill in California was vetoed by the governor, so Asha’s Law will set precedence as the first state in the US to ban bullhooks.

It is our hope that when Asha’s Law passes, other states will follow suit. Cities across the U.S. have already put bullhook bans in place, but it’s time these bans extend beyond the city level. We are calling HB 302 Asha’s Law in honor of Virginia’s lone African elephant Asha, who resides at the Natural Bridge Zoo, ranked #1 Worst Zoo for Elephants in 2014, so that no elephant in the State of Virginia will be subjected to this kind of inhumane and antiquated treatment any further.

Please support Asha’s Law by signing our petition and contacting the members of the committee (select names at top for contact information.) Our eternal gratitude to Delegate Sam Rasoul for his compassion and dedication to ending cruelty to elephants in Virginia. We have full faith that the committee will support the passing of this bill.

For more information on Asha or the Voices for Asha campaign, visit our website or our Facebook page. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our PR Director, Maggie Pearson, at mpearson@oneworldc.org.

Best Regards,
One World Conservation

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