One World Conservation (OWC) is excited to finally announce the redesign of our logo. We’ve had the final design for some time now, but in honor of the suffering and life of Sababu, a black rhinoceros who was euthanized at the San Antonio Zoo on February 7, 2011, we have waited until today.

Some of you may remember her story, some of you may not. But to OWC, her life and suffering pushed the conception of our organization from dream into reality. While we put everything into our campaigns and the animals we come across, Sababu has always held a very special place in our hearts. Her unnecessary suffering and beautiful soul changed our lives forever. From the start, it has been our dream to immortalize her memory through our logo, and today, that dream is finally becoming a reality.

For three years, we did everything in our power to help Sababu, and for three years we watched our voices fall to deaf ears while she continued to suffer. The “triumphus laurels” on the redesign represent Sababu emerging victorious in a way she was not allowed during her lifetime on this earth. Her spirit has remained at the core of everything we’ve accomplished and continue to fight toward as OWC grows. Her suffering was and is truly the driving power behind why we do what we do, and her memory brings us strength and compassion when the hour is darkest.

We invite and request our supporters to remember Sababu on the 5-year anniversary of her death. For more information on Sababu’s story, visit our page about her.

Our eternal gratitude to artist, Carmel Rose, who took on this project with such heart and understanding. She truly captured Sababu’s spirit.

This is for you, Sababu, and the countless others who’ve suffered and been lost to history. Your suffering will never be forgotten.

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