Once again, San Antonio Zoo has made In Defense of Animal’s list of Worst Zoos for ElephantsThis year, we ranked #2 on the list.

Over the years, we’ve been #1 four times and in the Hall of Shame twice. In addition, San Antonio Zoo was #5 in a list of the World’s Worst Zoos in 2010, the only American zoo on the list, and also #11 on a list of World’s Worst Zoos by cee4life in 2011, the only AZA zoo on the list.

Thank you In Defense of Animals for keeping the pressure on San Antonio.

Here’s In Defense of Animal’s excerpt from the section on Lucky:

San Antonio Zoo: Shameless in San Antonio The last surviving elephant at the San Antonio Zoo, Lucky, remains alone and isolated from others of her kind. After the death of her companion, Alport, in 2007, Lucky remained alone for nearly three years before another elephant, Boo, was introduced, though the two were not compatible. Boo passed away three years later, leaving Lucky alone yet again. Sadly, this zoo isn’t fit for any elephants due to lack of space and its inexcusable decision to keep Lucky alone for the rest of her life, rather than send her to a more suitable facility where she would have room to roam and the companionship of other elephants.

Last year the zoo had the opportunity to bring in a more enlightened director. Unfortunately, the new hire, Tim Morrow, comes from Seaworld San Antonio, an institution that has repeatedly come under fire for animal welfare issues. IDA hopes that Mr. Morrow will do the right thing for Lucky and free her from a situation so miserable it has been recognized worldwide. In 2010 the San Antonio Zoo was #5 on a list of the World’s Worst Zoos, and the only American zoo on the list, due to Lucky’s situation; it made a similar list in 2011.

The San Antonio Zoo first appeared on IDA’s list in 2007, later earning the #1 worst zoo position for three consecutive years starting in 2008 and then again in 2013. After being inducted into IDA’s Hall of Shame for failing to make any changes to Lucky’s situation, San Antonio is being listed once again because of the sheer and shameful cruelty that Lucky is forced to endure.

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