Dear OWC supporters,

As you know, we took on a support role for the Arturo campaign, the lone remaining polar bear in Argentina, a few months back after someone reached out to us asking for help. We have been rather silent on the front as we’ve worked with individuals on the ground in Argentina and helped them construct a website that will act as a central hub for all the most relevant and accurate information about his plight. 

Arturo's site is now officially launched.

Our intent behind this stems from the extreme fragmentation of his campaign and an attempt to gather everyone together and get people on the same page, so his campaign can be better streamlined and everyone working together. If you have been fighting for his campaign, please go to the site and send in an application to be added to the Arturo Team. We must all unite together!


We are now starting a campaign to write in to your local embassy asking them to take action and put further pressure on the situation in Mendoza. We have a prewritten letter set up in our form. All it takes is one click, and you’re done. Please help Arturo out by either sending our letter to your embassy or writing your own.


The ongoing petition for Arturo, not run by OWC, can be found here.

We’ve also been working behind the scenes on putting together a list of conservationists in support of an independent panel of polar bear experts to be allowed a comprehensive welfare assessment of Arturo’s situation, in the hopes that this will further pressure the Mendoza Zoo to work in Arturo’s best interest. We will be posting that information on the Arturo site in the next few days, along with a list that will be updated daily of those organizations, conservationists, biologists, and individuals who are signed on in support.

We are excited to be helping with this situation, as Arturo is in dire need of assistance, as are many of the other animals in the Mendoza Zoo. The more pressure that is put on the situation, the faster things will move along for him.

Best Regards,
One World Conservation

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