Dear OWC supporters,

As we mentioned in our most recent newsletter, we have become a partner in the campaign, now known as Voices for Asha. Meetings have taken place over the previous week with the core group on the ground and with In Defense of Animals, as well as other individuals who have been essential to the campaign, such as Barbara Baker, who has provided us with all of the wonderful images of Asha. We are blown out of the water by the level of dedication and collaboration displayed by every individual we have worked with on this campaign so far. It is clearly evident that Asha is the first priority above all else.

We are excited that we have been allotted this opportunity to help Asha, as her roots in Africa are very near and dear to our own. We hope that you will join the campaign by becoming a voice for Asha.

  • We’ve just launched a website for Asha where you can find the most up-to-date and accurate information on her campaign.
  • There you can find links to all of the petitions for Asha and calls to action, as well as some of her history and more. For a quick click, here's a link to one of the bigger petitions out there. Please sign if you haven't already.
  • If you are in the Virginia area and can make it out, please RSVP to the protest that will be held on March 21. For more information, visit the Facebook event.
  • For those of you not in the area, we are also holding an online protest, akin to the February event we held for Lucky. On March 17, please change your profile picture green for Asha. You can find more on that campaign on Facebook as well.
  • Finally, we are excited to announce the start of another T-shirt fundraiser. As the Asha campaign is fairly new, the ladies on the ground need all the support they can get. All funds from T-shirts will go into Asha’s campaign.

Please check the shirts out, and spread the word on all of the above. Let’s get Asha to sanctuary.

Best Regards,
One World Conservation

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