Resurgence of the Giant Panda

Universally iconic, socially, politically, and culturally, giant pandas are closely monitored by the world, and transactions involving them often take years and can even involve federal governments.


Help Argentina's Lone Remaining Polar Bear, Arturo

Dear OWC supporters,

As you know, we took on a support role for the Arturo campaign, the lone remaining polar bear in Argentina, a few months back after someone reached out to us asking for help. We have been rather silent on the front as we’ve worked with individuals on the ground in Argentina and helped them construct a website that will act as a central hub for all the most relevant and accurate information about his plight. 


Photo Fundraiser

We are excited to announce that we have created our first ever photo fundraiser. Over the years, we have had numerous people ask us for our photographs, but we have declined to date. We are releasing selected shots now for the first time to the public. Unlike our Free Lucky T-shirt fundraiser, these images can be purchased internationally, so to those who missed out before, here’s your chance to help now.

Link to photo fundraiser page.