Volunteer Opportunties

Please note, these are all volunteer positions. However, there is a possibility that in the future, we may be able to take some people onto the team for pay. Until then, we rely on the support of our volunteers. If you have even a few hours a week to help out with any of these positions, please send an email to info@oneworldc.org with examples of your related experience and the preferred position.

Social Media Marketer

Our online presence and its continued growth is extremely fundamental to the progress of our organization. We need a team of people who can volunteer at least a few hours of their time a week marketing our Facebook and/or Twitter pages. This position would include following other pages, commenting, retweeting, and sharing content related to our organization.

Observation Team Member

This position is available only to those local to our active campaigns, unless you'd like to start your own observations.
You would familiarize yourself with our observation manual, and document the conditions of the animals in a frequency of at least once every two months. We desperately need people on the ground to help with this, so please let us know if you have a camera and are available to help.


Like any nonprofit, we are in desperate need of allocating funds to continue and grow our campaigns. Much of what we’ve accomplished has been out of pocket, but as a newly formed tax-deductible organization, we are looking for people to help us raise the funds we need to carry on with our work and grow.


This falls hand in hand with the fundraiser position. If you can send calls in asking for donations for our organization, even a few hours a week would go a long way.

Grant Writer

Filing for grants is a huge part of the growth of our organization. If you have experience doing this and the time to offer your services, please get in touch with us.

Blog Writer

So far, our blogs have been action alerts or updates about the status of the organization, but we hope to see it grow into something far more interactive and engaging. If you have the passion to write new content about conservation efforts and can donate some of your time, we need you. There is no commitment to post counts. This is all on your clock.