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OWC is focused on the conservation efforts of exotic and endangered species, both in captivity and in the wild. With estimates at over a dozen species going extinct every day, we all must do our part in efforts to save what we can. This takes a commitment from all of us, including you. It is our world, and our chance to make a difference.

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Our campaigns reach across the globe and involve both captive and wildlife cases of endangered and exotic species. We protect endangered flora and fauna and are fully committed to each campaign we take on.


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Resurgence of the Giant Panda
Clarice Du | 11 January
HistoryUniversally iconic, socially, politically, and culturally, giant pandas are closely monitored by the world, and transactions involving them often take
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Decline of the Monarch Butterflies
Clarice Du | 16 November
Migration PatternsThe monarch butterflies are the only known insects to make a two-way migration. Their route, spanning some 2,000 miles (just one way),
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Official Statement on Karen, the San Antonio Zoo's Third Elephant
Admin | 31 August
Dear supporters of Lucky, of Nicole and Karen, and of any elephants who have or will reside at the San Antonio Zoo,If you are not already aware, it was made
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